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Get to know the AI-powered platform that’s helping the top e-commerce companies save time and money on every 3PL invoice... That’s the magic of Implentio!

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Revolutionize Reconciliation and Performance Management

Status Quo
Feeling lost with all your outsourced fulfillment invoices and data...
With Implentio
Organize your data and unlock efficiencies to save you money!
Hours of manual reconciliations
Instantly reconcile 3PL bills including freight charges at the order level
Unmanageable spreadsheets
Consolidate your data into a single source of truth across your operations
Missed SLAs
Get real-time fulfillment alerts and delivery monitoring
No insight into order exceptions
Receive 3PL and carrier performance tracking, including time-in-transit (TNT) analytics
Bogged down with complicated and time-consuming operations activities
Easily scale your fulfillment operations as you add multiple nodes and 3PLs

Built by Operators, for Operators

Here’s how Implentio helps improve your e-commerce operations

cost savings

Get Control Over Your Costs with Automation

Implentio scans your 3PL invoices, contracts, and carrier networks to automatically reconcile bills and identify ways to save you money.

Single Source of Truth

Analyze Millions of Data Points on One Easy-to-Use Platform

By combining your fulfillment data on one platform, you can leverage data analytics to better visualize your data, quickly identify billing errors, and maintain real-time transparency into your operations.

Optimized Accountability

Hold Your 3PLs to Their Contractual Agreements

Whether you have one 3PL or many, Implentio’s invoice validation tools and alerting help ensure that you’re billed correctly, your SLAs are hit, and you're fully aware of any order exceptions. Ensure you’re getting the fair end of the deal. We even automate the 3PL outreach to request credits.

Automated Ops and Finance

Review Tens of Thousands of Line Items with a Click

Capture savings opportunities on freight spend and invoices with ease – Implentio entirely replaces manual reviews and frees up your time to focus on more strategic activities.

With Just a Few Easy Steps, Savings Appear like Magic

Easy Onboarding

We’ll handle your end-to-end onboarding process with minimal effort from your team.

Easy Onboarding

Run Your First Reconciliations

As invoices are loaded you can immediately review any invoice errors.


Easily Request Credits from your 3PL


With just a few clicks you can share any errors with your 3PL and request the credits you deserve. Make sure you’re paying what you agreed to – not a cent more.

Request Credits

Save Money and Automate Your Operations


Eliminate manual tasks and automate your operations with ease using Implentio.

Scale Business

Scale Your Business


Our dedicated automation specialists are ready to help ramp up your operations, whenever you’re ready to grow.

Save Money

Paying Too Much for 3PL Fulfillment and Freight?

  • Discover ways to save on fulfillment costs
  • Find out if you’re overpaying for shipping
  • Be the next eCommerce business to save money
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Brands Just Like Yours Want a Better Tool...

Matt Kawadler

COO, True Classic

“With Implentio we now have full data transparency into thousands of our 3PL’s charges and we’re saving hundreds of hours a month on resources we used to dedicate to reviewing everything manually.”

Sam Garst

Founder & CEO at Nood

“Implentio helped us cut through the noise of endless data and quickly realize how we can better optimize our ops and improve the bottom line.”

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